Engraving & Etching

Engraving & Etching

We are one of the best engravers providing different types of engraving services. some of the types of the engraving services are:

General Engraving
We manufacture Nameplates and Memorial Plaques by engraving in all materials. Office, Hotel and restaurant Signage and Badges. Suppliers to the Legal and Medical Professions, Business, Hotel and Catering Trade and Private Individuals.

We manufacture labels, control panels & fascias, valve tags by Engraving in brass, plastic, aluminium, Perspex, stainless steel, traffolite, dies, tooling, jigs etc...

Using the latest technology of modern large format Engraving machines and CAD/CAM software. Identity tag offers a fast and efficient service to electrical, mechanical, A/C and electronic industrial companies wanting tags and Plates

Laser Engraving
We provides laser engraving and laser etching across a wide range of companies in the UAE. Predominantly working for Sing manufacturing with acrylic and other plastics and some non- ferrous metals Our range of laser cutting and laser engraving services is geared towards providing a high level of service to a wide variety of customers with greatly differing needs. We can offer laser cutting of acrylic, plastics and some woods. We can also laser engrave these materials along with glass and others Ceramic materials.

Etching and Photo Etching
We cater various Design and Texts Engraved in Metals such as Stainless steel, Brass, Copper,Aluminium etc. by Either etching or Photo Etching Process as per the requirement of the Design

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